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Fifty Years Later.... The unstoppable course

Then came "Fifty Years later". We took some time to stare at the future... after the terrible end of Copenhagen "summit"....

1 - Will You believe me? : I'll tell you what happened

2 - Dead in Copenhagen : Can you imagine that even by knowing it we decided not to go in the same direction while we were all living on the same planet?

3 - The Frozen Will : It was a blow…. How will we survive this…? Help me

4 - These Trees : But I have a reason to fight! I love these trees so much!!!

5 - The Herd : Don't stay at home watching it without doing anything…. NO, not the active laziness! Please !

6 - Fisherman's day : Or the fisherman will pay for us all…. Listen to his song…

7 - Against The Sand : Come and take my hand my love, we will fight together

8 - Any Hypothesis : And toward what we don't know… even death…. What is the world made of ?

9 - Just Before The Silence : But we failed…. Everything's going to die…

10 - Fifty Years Later : See what has happened….

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