Vincent Kreyder | Drums

Musical Background

Vincent wrote lyrics and news throughout her childhood to finally take the “artistical” plunge of learning music, in the sequel death of a loved one when he was 12.
He then started to study Bass and drum and focusing on the latter for 3 intensive years following which he joined the band “Horresco Referens” ( “Anvil Corp” publ.) with which he toured before recording their, still secret, third Album at Didier Chesneau’s Melody Studio.
His passion about literature made him work a few years as a bookseller before freeing himself from any working life.
He then joined the band Fairyland before co-foundinf the Speed-prog band Stelaria, in which he will be replaced latter by Romain Goulon (Necrophagist).
Meanwhile he follows a MA professionnal cursus MA at Paris ATLA musical school.
While recording for this project he met the former drummer of the band Novagreen who will introduce him to the band in which he will play during 4 years.
The following years see its move so as to join the gothic Band Rosa Crux with whom he toured over Europe.
In the meantime he enters a specialized third cycle at the Conservatoire of Mantes-la-Jolie.
Then, due to the good understanding with the musicians and the same shared vision about the band, he officially joined Asylum Pyre at the beginning of 2013, almost 2 years after having recording the band’s Album as a session drummer. (Through Didier Chesneau’s mediation)
Many other musical collaborations also mark out his path (T.A.N.K., Magic Kingdom, Elktronik Sciety, Elyose, Swan Peony, etc.).