We did it!

Dear friends,

Our crowdfunding campaign is a success, we have now reached our goal, the 3000€ mark has been crossed, 20 days after we launched our campaign!

What can we say except your participation is very heartwarming, and your involvement and confidence are amazing! We will not disappoint you, this forthcoming videoclip as the other projects of the band will be carried out with passion and strength and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

But the campaign is not over yet, there’s still 6 days left to collect your contributions.

This extra money will be used to face any problem and unexpected cost for our videoclip and if it’s not needed, we will save this money to pay the preparation of our future live tour, which includes a big preparation work on stage in order to give you the best quality show possible.

Thanks to you all, we already reached the moon, please allow us now to grab some stars too!!