Olivier Louis-Servais | Bass

Date of birth: 1967, July 29th
lives near Paris.

Musical background

Oliv took its first course in classical guitar at age 13, but quickly prefered to learn on his own by listening to discs. In 1984, In high school he became rhythm guitarist in the heavy metal Band Sentinel (quickly joined by his young brother: Renaud LOUIS-SERVAIS): the 2 brothers composed the sum and substance of the band’s repertoire until 1990.
1990: After Sentinel’s split, Oliv took its first basse and joined his brother’s project : Fantasy (Progressive Rock). He still kept playing guitar in a « subsistence » cover band.
After a long musical break he came back to the metal World, when he joined the band Arcane (Heavy Rock) in 2005 as a guitarist and founded his own band Ink Age (Power Metal) in 2008.
Then he joined the band Hevius for which he still plays as a guitarist (Power Metal)
2012: By sheer accident, Johann discovers that Oliv once played the bass in the band and then asked Oliv if he could replaces Julien for a few gigs… you know now how it ended!
The « Goatee Man » uses a Ibanez Ergodyne EDB 605 bass, a Markbass Compressore pedal, a Markbass Little Mark Tube amplifier and a Trace Eliott 4X10 inches speaker.

Favorite bands & musicians

Bassists: Steve Harris, Phil Lynott, Jason Newsteed, Mike Porcaro, Geedy Lee…
Guitarists: Randy Rhoads, John Sykes, Paul Quinn, Kai Hansen, Michael Romero…
Bands: Helloween, Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, White Skull, Manigance, Rhapsody, Amon Amarth, Epica…
Besides metal music: Eiffel,Police, RLSG, Ensemble Clément Janequin…

Hobbies, besides music

Reading, hike, nature, beer, go see friends playing on stage.