Newsletter march 2016

Hi Everyone,

Here are the latest news from the band :

=> Asylum Pyre are back from their tour with LUCA TURILLI’S RHAPSODY since one month and it’s been an incredible experience! We want to thank from the bottom of our heart Luca Turilli and the whole Rhapsody team for having given us the opportunity to support them on this great tour through 8 european countries and 13 shows! We’re looking forward to seeing you all again very soon my friends! 🙂

=> Besides, we are very proud to present you a brand new music video for our song “Second Shadow” .
As you may know (or not ) this song was inspired by the movie “The Beast of The southern Wild”. So you’ll find here a great mix between the movie and the song…. We think that it gives a higher impact to it ! Enjoy!!
Realisation by Vincent Lecrocq

PS : here is the liner notes that can be found in “Spirited Away” booklet : “These lyrics came to my mind after watching the film “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. My vision may not coincide exactly with that of the author. If so, I am sorry… but these are the words and images that my spirit saw in this intense film: the differences between the so-called “rich” and “poor” countries and the will of some shattered people to fight. In this text, the second shadow may be Hushpuppy, Wink’s daughter… and thus his second shadow. But it can also stand for the third world which is, in a sense, the hidden shadow of the rest of the world. Finally, the second shadow can also stand for my own second nature… The Aurochs are marching…”

=> And last, but not least, after our show last month in Tilburg, NL, on tour with Rhapsody, Chaos Heidi spoke shortly with Sjak from Lords Of Metal webzine and they agreed to chat more extensively about Asylum Pyre after the tour and that’s exactly what they did ! 🙂
Read the whole interview here