Natural Instinct?

admin | 9 October 2012

More than 60 reviews across the whole world…

Some extracts here

« This band’s universe has something…magic. And rare »
« This disc is a real breath of fresh air […] that would deserve to have a professional distribution. Labels, distributor, managers, talent is here and is waiting for you…»
(Soil Chronicles – 10/10)

« On these clever singular compositions join the voices of Carole and Johann. And here, we reach something Sublime! »
« Great piece of Art! »
(Metal Integral – 18/20)

« Can one say […] that there are other bands like this? »
« A killer album with unique colours and tasty intonations. With such an album, professionals should help them to launch their career, or there is no more hope for the French metal scene. Wake up Labels! »
(La Guilde du Metal – 16/20)

« The band has a real talent for writing highly enjoyable melodies »
(Encyclopaedia Metallum – 87/100)

« Melodies are graceful and follow one another with pleasure, sometimes powerful, sometimes melancholic; they lead us through a wide range of emotions […]. Finally, with their album, Asylum Pyre’s members offers a nice renew of this musical genre. »
(InWebZine – no quotation)

« A huge potential concerning melodies »
« Concerning the singing, we are not outdone […] considering that the voices really fit together and give Asylum Pyre a unique touch »
(Aux Portes Du Metal – 18/20 – Coup de cœur)

« An incredible Album, with very varied and complex songs. The male voice, in opposition with the lyrical one, gives strength to the compositions »
“’Natural Instinct?’ is an excellent discovery, with an impressive maturity for a first album, as much for the instrumental and vocal part as for the production. Very very good album. »
(Les Autres Mondes – no quotation)

«The themes are varied, clever and often hit the bull’s eye […] we are dealing here with definitely promising band. A band it’s worth keeping an eye on. »
(Heavylaw – 8/10)

« We are then dealing with a real very good ‘Melodic Metal’ album so as to sum up Asylum Pyre’s style that knows how to be different from the common canons. Lively, refreshing, entertaining… »
(La Grosse Radio – 8/10)