Johann Cadot | Guitar, vocals

Date of Birth: 1979, June 2nd
Live near Paris, France

Musical background

Johann has been given a guitar when he was 16, but he never really practiced it until he started Asylum Pyre back in 2005 with Julien and Cédrik (ex-guitarist).
But as soon as he had a guitar in his hand he started to compose music. (5 minutes later…)
And still now, each time he takes his guitar he tries and composes something… in different styles.

And then singing followed soon… as he can’t play guitar without singing!
And as he has always written some texts, lyrics and poetry, he has taken in charge, with great pleasure, the writings of the Lyrics.

And so, from the beggining, Asylum Pyre gave him the opportunity to develop his guitar, singing and writing skills.

Johann plays on Gibson Les Paul & Schecter Jeff Loomis guitars.
And uses Diezel Einstein and Mesa amps

Favorite bands & musicians

Musicians: All past and current Helloween members ! Andre Matos, Tobias Sammet, Jon Oliva, Daniel Gildenlow,…
Influences: Helloween, Blind guardian, Pain Of Salvation, Savatage, Empyrium, Vanden Plas,…

Hobbies, besides music

Nature, Travels , friends, sports, good stories, sciences….