Spirited Away
October, 23th 2015

Massacre Records

Asylum Pyre continues to develop its melodic metal throughout the whole metal sphere. This new album focuses on the catchiness and power of the songs carried by the versatile voice of Chaos Heidi. Forged again in collaboration with Didier Chesneau (Headline, La Ventura, Invictus, ADX…), the sound on Spirited Away is the perfect blend of the sound of European and American Metal. Actually, while incorporating some electro elements, the band reinforce the organic and analogical sound of the instruments as you will immediately notice it with the first guitar riffs you will hear on this Album. As the two previous albums lyrically focused on an ecological thematic, this new album deals with the human spirit and its twists and turns and so gives another color to Asylum Pyres atmospheres.

01 - Second Shadow
02 - The Silence of Dreams
03 - Only Your Soul
04 - Unplug My Brain
05 - In Hayao's Arms
06 - Spirited Away
07 - The White Room
08 - Soulburst
09 - At My Door
10 - Shivers
11 - Instants in Time
12 - Remembering
13 - Fly

Chaos Heidi: Vocals
Johann Cadot: Guitars, Vocals
Vincent Kreyder: Drums
Armendar: Keyboards

additional musicians :
Didier Chesneau: Guitars
Christophe Babin: Bass
Natural Instinct?– 2009

Starting with the ambient and frightening introduction "Taken Away to The Asylum“ and then travelling between speed, Heavy, progressive tracks or the sing-along anthem “Laughing With The Stars”, the songs distil here and there choirs, hooking melodies, narration, soli and rhythms giving priority to the efficiency. Beauty and preservation of the nature are the main inspiration of the lyrics. Deviances of our world, like manipulation or intolerance, or the wrong use of science discoveries are also tackled. Thus, Asylum Pyre offers you an album which can be listened, read and which invites everyone to think, meanwhile proposing a music which is both hooking, varied and captivating. To finish, the cover artwork, to be watch in two stages, symbolises the album‘s concept and its title. Here the words leave the place to the picture.

01 – Taken Away To The Asylum
02 – The Asylum Pyre
03 – Laughing With The Stars
04 – Coral-s Riff (Now Hell)
05 – Don’t Waste It!
06 – Love Ecstasy
07 – Different Sides, Same Thoughts
08 – Jester Of The Power
09 – Whispers Of The Jester
10 – W.W.A.W. (When We Are Wolves)
(Extracted from demo 2008)

Line-up :
Vocals: Carole Alcantara
Guitars/Vocals: Johann Cadot
Guitars: Hervé Schiltz
Bass: Julien Peuch
Keyboards: Tony Decaillon
Drums: Emeric Arnaudeau
Fifty Years Later – December, 7th 2012
Massacre Records

Powerful, Melodic, Modern… …3 words to describe what ASYLUM PYRE is today… The arrival of the new female singer, Chaos Heidi, brings a more modern rock/metal touch while offering multifaceted vocals throughout the album, following ASYLUM PYRE diversified styles. For, even if ASYLUM PYRE evolve, they keep their trademark: a strong taste for varied atmospheres and styles. Led by a musical and lyrical thread, « Fifty Years Later » songs sail through different moods. Sometimes intimist, often heavy, speed or progressive, the album is livened up with some symphonic choirs and arrangements, along with some male vocals interventions. Following and completing the ecological theme of the 1st Album, « Fifty Years Later » lyrics and the artwork echo the warnings of our world and picture the possible evolution of our planet in the years to come…

01 – Will you believe me?
02 – Dead in Copenhagen
03 – The Frozen Will
04 – These Trees
05 – The Herd
06 – Fisherman’s Day
07 – Against the Sand
08 – Any Hypothesis
09 – Just Before the Silence
10 – Fifty Years Later

Line-up :
Vocals: Chaos Heïdi
Guitars/Vocals: Johann Cadot
Guitars: Hervé Schiltz
Bass: Julien Peuch
Keyboards: Tony Decaillon
Drums: Vince Kreyder