Asylum Pyre introduce their new line-up

You may have already noticed it, Asylum Pyre’s shape has changed during the past months, some old friends have left and some new musicians have joined the band!
It’s time for us to introduce you officially Asylum Pyre’s new line-up, the one who’s already working on our 3rd album, the one you have seen on stage this year and you will see again for our upcoming gigs from next september.
We are proud to introduce you ARMENDAR, our Keyboardist and we are glad to confirm Olivier LOUIS-SERVAIS as our bassist and Vincent KREYDER as our drummer.
Full Line-up:
CHAOS HEIDI : vocals
Johann CADOT : guitar / vocals
Hervé SCHILTZ : guitar
Olivier LOUIS-SERVAIS : bass
ARMENDAR : Keyboards
Vincent KREYDER : Drums
We wish the best to Julien PEUCH and Tony DECAILLON who had begun this adventure with Asylum Pyre and we are happy and proud to rank them among friends and supporters!
Thanks to YoG Photography/Nidhal Marzouk for this picture taken @Jas Rod on May, 17th!